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Monday, May 30, 2011

Sonakshi's diamond jewellery photos

Sonakshi's diamond jewellery worth lakhs goes missing

Sonakshi`s diamond jewellery worth lakhs goes missingSonakshi Sinha's diamonds worth lakhs goes missing during a late night shoot of 'Joker' 

Sonakshi Sinha's diamond jewellery worth lakhs went missing from her vanity van on the sets of her next movie, Joker.

The theft occurred when the actress stepped out for a while during a late-night shoot.

Says a unit source, "She looked around in the van. But she was sure that she had kept it along with her other stuff. She then asked around but nothing came of it."

Adds the source, "However, Sona remained calm. She did not want to raise a ruckus and delay the shoot.

No one would own up immediately and it would be an exercise in futility. In any case, the unit realised about the theft much later."

Director Shirish Kunder says, "My birthday was on May 24 and the cast and crew were ushering it in on the sets. Akshay (Kumar) had planned a celebration.

This is when Sonakshi's diamond solitaire earrings went missing from her vanity van. The theft occured at Film City. Sonakshi's diamond solitaire earrings were stolen. A police complaint has been launched."

However, Poonam maintains, "There are so many people who lose things or have their stuff robbed. Let Sonakshi be, so what if she is a star? I can only laugh about it now. Nothing was stolen."

Amrita too!

Amrita Rao's diamond jewellery set (costing approx Rs 7 lakh) vanished from the sets of Love You Mr Kalaakaar. As reported 'Lost and not found' (Hitlist, May 5), the sparklers went missing from her bag in the vanity van. Amrita did not file a police complaint. The jewels were part of her endorsement deal for a brand.


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