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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Modiface or how to test makeup on your mobile

What we would like to prove such a long time without losing? Come on, we love to see live how we have that shirt I saw, and never mind how rich we feel are the shoes chulísimos of the season. However, I would lack more hours in the day if I wanted to put me various types of makeup before leaving home and I guess you can pasaros something.
Just thinking about it, Modiface created for Android and iPhone applications that show how we would be combining different colors in the face. We nude shadow there, blush clear here, and a pink lipstick for a look romantic, or radically change these colors and make up on us as we want from our own photo, a model or in our own face live !.
The tool molado me most is Makeup (originally Make Up), which has already had many versions. From the classic where you take the fotito and begin to test cosmetics (all popular brands that put the option to buy), or the more advanced you will tones testing on the live image you see on your phone or tablet. Everything you do in a matter of segunditos, without having to wash the face to every change and without internet connection!, Because the processing is done on your gadget.
MakeUp Application
Makeup has been the best user ratings, but after a trial period, you will have to buy it.
Another application of Modiface, specifically for makeup, it Makeup Paint. This really has given me back completely to children because, instead of choosing colors to change your face, do it with an S-Pen on the touch screen mobile. Watch the video and tell me if you do not remember the time when coloring books rellenábais not get out of line. Funny, right?.
Modiface has run many other applications so you can prove you haircuts, clothes, nail polish, make them an extreme makeover and remove lines or turn you into a stylish star. But all I will comment in another post.
Application MakeUp Live